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If you are a busy professional with little time for yourself and cannot chase suppliers and trades involved in your new bathroom project, H2O London will manage design, supply and installation for you whilst you are free to take care of your own precious life. Please take a look at some bathrooms accomplished in London or UK and read our services page to decide whether H2O London are the bathroom designers you are looking for.

It would be fair to say that bathroom design deserves its own classification as a specialist branch of interiors. And it is growing in importance within the realms of the domestic environment.

Today's lifestyle of most professionals is dictated by tough schedules where time is essential and at a premium: a shower in the morning is a much quicker and efficient affair then a bath, but a bath is the king of the week end: as a result new bathroom designs and ideas are always more popular and appreciated. Clients are ever more demanding urging designers to push limits, naturally bathroom fittings manufacturers follow by supplying more innovative products, but the hardest challenges are provided by space.

Even though bathroom planning has conquered the graces of many houses, spaces dedicated to bathrooms are somehow generally restricted in comparison to other usage therefore bathrooms can be very challenging to design. In many cases designers must look at bespoke solutions especially when standard fittings and furniture are unsuitable due to their inflexible sizes: that is when design skills with materials and fittings knowledge are of paramount importance not to mention ingenuity and lateral thinking on the part of the designer.

More often then not, the construction of a bathroom involves highly technical work, it is for this reason that a technical study to envisage things in order to predict possible results and solutions is advisable if the aim is quality and longevity of works.

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